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Summer Time Take 2

I hope I’m not boring anyone with my posts but these experiments are too easy not to share. Today was food coloring, vinegar & baking soda. Actually, I used an Easter Egg coloring kit never opened from Spring in place of food coloring. My oldest loved it & had a blast. We even mixed colors a bit.

Also, please forgive the terrible Instagram pictures of these bugs but he has been on 3 bug hunts with Dad since summer started. They take off for hours in the truck usually headed to undeveloped neighborhoods where bugs are plentifully found. Hence, a Wolf spider & green Katydid have found a new home in his terrarium.







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Trying to make summertime fun

So, I have vowed to myself that I would do something fun each week day this summer for my boys. It is a tough goal but with a little planning & a lot of pinning, I’m off to a great start. Today was cloud dough playtime & a $5 dollar shopping spree @ the dollar store.
My oldest really loved the cloud dough & played with it on & off all day. The Dollar store yielded some military spy toys & of course a tractor for my youngest do all in all, it was a successful day.




To make your cloud dough you will need:

1 cup of baby oil
8 cups if flour
3-5 minutes to hand mix the combination.

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Hello world!


For close to an hour, three days a week, I get to be completely alone. It is just me, the road, my music & my thoughts. What an amazing stress relief running has become for me. I find myself anticipating my next run with nervousness & partly dread. This running thing isn’t easy but it is getting a little bit easier each time.
I started quite simply with a 1 minute run. Now, I’m proud to say that I am up to a 46 minute run. I have a LONG way to go and A LOT of weight to lose but I never would have imagined three months ago that I would be running almost 4 miles, without stopping. What a wonderful addictive feeling.


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