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Summer coming to a close

I have been cooking up this photoshoot idea for a few weeks now but the weather did not seem to mind interferring. Finally, I took the boys to a spot locally in case the weather interferred, and set everything up as you see here. I made the paper pin wheels a couple of weeks ago along with the banner too. I’m pretty pleased with how everything turned out. Michael’s craft store had all these neat gadgets on sale so I used them as a surprise to keep my boys happy as I snapped as many pictures as I could. While I was laying flat in the grass and lady drove by and yelled there are a ton of snakes in this area. Well, I’m sure there are as well as the gazillion mosquitoes that cut our shoot short. It was overall fun and successful and the boys had fun for a change with the camera.


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Living Room Re-do

So, we are on a tight budget these days which is why I have put off redoing our living room. I literally got so depressed going in there & found that very sad since it we do live here. Searching Pinterest resulted in SO MANY DIY projects at very affordable prices that I made a decision that it had to be done.
Although I have works in progress before revealing the whole room, I just had to share thus far.
For my photo wall, I was mainly inspired by Laura Winslow’s Wednesday Wall ideas from her blogblog & mainly the one in her own home. I also used the idea for the 3 large frames from The 6 Sisters blog & added words for an extra touch. Friends & family have pointed out to me for two years that not one picture of our second son was anywhere to be found but I wanted a plan in place before adding any photos. I finally got off my bottom & got things moving. I LOVE how things turned out.
I was super lucky to find this amazing dresser @ a local thrift store while it was fresh on the truck! It was in amazing shape & very nice as a dark wood but I had turquoise on my mind! This dresser took a few weeks to sand & prime in batches, also in between raising two boys. This piece is my favorite & offers a ton more storage with all of the drawers. This piece had great knobs already but was missing one so I opted for glass knobs in the top row to mix things up a bit. I went to Target for the super cute lamp but knew it needed something. I was going to write a page from P&P in Sharpie but decided to add some glam with a vintage brooch glued on the bottom. To add some more appeal, I took seashells & a glass jar from my mom’s mantle which I knew she would like for me to do & put them to good use.
The mantle is still not complete but a 3×4 picture of the boys sure livens things up as I’m hoping a new garland will too.
In the meantime, couches have been cleaned, new pillows & a throw are yet to reveal as well as sillohuettes of the boys to adorn the mantle with doily garland. Stay tuned!











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Summer Time Take 2

I hope I’m not boring anyone with my posts but these experiments are too easy not to share. Today was food coloring, vinegar & baking soda. Actually, I used an Easter Egg coloring kit never opened from Spring in place of food coloring. My oldest loved it & had a blast. We even mixed colors a bit.

Also, please forgive the terrible Instagram pictures of these bugs but he has been on 3 bug hunts with Dad since summer started. They take off for hours in the truck usually headed to undeveloped neighborhoods where bugs are plentifully found. Hence, a Wolf spider & green Katydid have found a new home in his terrarium.






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Trying to make summertime fun

So, I have vowed to myself that I would do something fun each week day this summer for my boys. It is a tough goal but with a little planning & a lot of pinning, I’m off to a great start. Today was cloud dough playtime & a $5 dollar shopping spree @ the dollar store.
My oldest really loved the cloud dough & played with it on & off all day. The Dollar store yielded some military spy toys & of course a tractor for my youngest do all in all, it was a successful day.




To make your cloud dough you will need:

1 cup of baby oil
8 cups if flour
3-5 minutes to hand mix the combination.

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Hello world!


For close to an hour, three days a week, I get to be completely alone. It is just me, the road, my music & my thoughts. What an amazing stress relief running has become for me. I find myself anticipating my next run with nervousness & partly dread. This running thing isn’t easy but it is getting a little bit easier each time.
I started quite simply with a 1 minute run. Now, I’m proud to say that I am up to a 46 minute run. I have a LONG way to go and A LOT of weight to lose but I never would have imagined three months ago that I would be running almost 4 miles, without stopping. What a wonderful addictive feeling.


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